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Entry 2: Zoom, Zoom

You should’ve seen their faces! Oh, how I wish I could’ve captured the moment. Their eyes ping ponged as I ran from corner to corner, and they broadened their stance to try to catch me. Ha! They couldn’t.

They were all like, “what happened to our cute puppy?” and “why is she growling like a gremlin?”

First off, how else am I going to dry off after the first bath you gave me in my forever home? As for the growling sounds, you weren’t playing any music for me so I created my own soundtrack!

There was no need to get all extra and tell my doctor, “we gave her a bath and then she just started zooming and growling. Now it happens first thing in the morning and, or, in the evening.” She’s a professional so she gave you a courteous answer, I’m sure, but I’ll put it bluntly. So listen up, humans.

If you give me a bath, I’m gonna zoom. If you coop me up, I’m gonna zoom. If I have pent up energy to burn, I’m gonna zoom. If I just simply feel like it, I’m gonna zoom. It doesn’t matter if you take me on three walks a day! I’m a pup, and it all my friends do it too (you may call us “copy-cats”, but we prefer “copy-dogs”). Don’t worry, I’ll likely outgrow it after I become a teenager and then you’ll miss my zoomies cause I'll be getting into all sorts of new mischief.

But until then, you might want to get comfortable with 8am zoomies and keep in mind a few things:

  1. Don’t try to catch me. Just don’t. It’s going to put both of us at risk of getting hurt.