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Journal Entry 4: Crate Training Ups and Downs

Am I a loudmouth?

Yes, yes I am. I’m pup enough to admit it. But, I want to disclaim something. I was only a loudmouth when I was learning to go into my crate. Can you blame me?

One minute we were training or playing or just resting, and the next minute you were shutting the door on me and walking away. You know I could still hear you walking around, right?

No, I didn’t think you were trying to exclude me from the fun but I was politely letting you know I wanted to be part of everything you did! Sometimes my voice got loud, I get it, that was my bad. But it was only because you didn’t let me out sooner. So, truth is, my loudmouth behaviors link back to you, puparents.

It’s okay, though. As you learned and changed some things, I started to be less of a chatty Kathy.

Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes!

First thing you changed was that you used the divider to make my crate much smaller and cozy-feeling. When trainers say just enough room to turn around and lay down, they mean it. Don’t go projecting your claustrophobic-tendencies on me, pupmom and pupdad. I like small spaces even if that means I can’t stretch out totally.

Second thing you changed was swapping my light and airy white crate cover for a black one that actually kept the light out and made me feel safer. Things got even better when you started pulling down the window shades (I even started sleeping in until 8 or 9am!)

But the third change was the biggest. You set a schedule and you stuck to it! It took a few days for you to realize that I wake up with the sun, and what my potty break needs are. (Okay, “days” is too generous for potty training. Try “weeks”. But, anyway, I digress.) After the first week you established a schedule that aligned with your work schedules and my need for naps, walks, food, potty, exercise, and training. Basically, your life revolved around me.